Does religion tell its followers how to think and what to think without questioning, researching, and debating its intentions?

From time to time we have inner-office debates on the subject of religion. And what I find most interesting in each of these debates is that whatever most African-Americans practice and believe is something that was handed down to them by a parent which was handed down to them by a parent and they got it from their parents until we arrive at the origin of who got it first which were their/our slave ancestors—where it was used as a means of control and a means for slaves to get through a very horrible time in our African history!

The word 'holy' comes from 'Helios' which was the personification of the Sun. Of course 'bible' simple means little books. The bible is a book of science and astrology and for those who read the scripture should understand that it is not intended to be historical. Those who understand its literal meaning understand the least of its meaning.

Here are a couple of videos by Santos Bonacci on Astrotheology for you to check out and let me know what you think?

That was part 1 and here's part 2