(OPINION: Todd Anderson)

"WE" ...meaning each of us within the African-American Community NEED TO and CAN contribute efforts, with respect to informing authorities, regarding the whereabouts or any information any of us may have about Dr. Timothy Jorden.

Yes, it's reported that he was kind, polite, saved lives, was a figure in the community who helped the youth, etc, etc,... but "seemingly" he took a life...A LIFE!...or if  he didn't do it, it appears he knows something about Jacqueline Wisniewski's fatal shooting...a the "nice guy" is not coming forward.


That fact that he took a life (or knows something about it and is in hiding), cancels out all the good he could have ever done.  Assuming he has not taken his own life... someone somewhere knows where he is...and it's probably one of us in the Buffalo Community.    "WE" need to do the right thing and put aside the "DON'T SNITCH" mentality and inform the authorities regarding what we might know.

Now, because of the seriousness of the matter and mainly because Dr. Jorden is Former Military Weapons Expert anyone with information is asked and warned to avoid confronting Dr. Jorden.  Normally people would be urged to call the Confidential Crime Tip Line @ 716-847-2255.... but because Dr. Jorden posing a very real, and obvious,  threat to the Community and even his acquaintances...anyone with information is asked to call 911 IMMEDIATELY!

Let's all DO THE RIGHT THING... regarding this crime and all others we may know something about and STAND UP AND COME FORWARD!