If spending one day on something could save your life, would you do it? Of course you would! Listen up! This is Chris Reynolds, and lung cancer affects our community more than any others. African-American men are nearly forty percent more likely to be diagnosed than white men. But did you know that Roswell Park Cancer Institute offers lung cancer screening for those at high risk, like smokers? Most insurances now cover the screening. They can also help you to quit smoking; so what are you waiting on? Take action now! Call Roswell Park at 1-877-ASK-RPCI or visit Roswellpark.org/nowyouknow

Take just one day to talk to the cancer experts about your risk.

At Roswell Park, more than 70 percent of patients who are diagnosed with lung cancer at an early stage (Stage I) survive five years. Our Lung Cancer Screening Program is designed to detect lung cancer early — when it is most curable — by screening and monitoring (“surveillance”) the people most likely to develop the disease, especially smokers.