Buffalo's own Goo Goo Dolls' Johnny Reziznik wrote the song 'Broadway' for the city of Buffalo. When you go down Broadway now, you'll think of the lyrics in the song, but when the Goos play the song live you'll sometimes hear Johnny explain the city of Buffalo and the people that live here.

...on every corner there's a church and a bar."

...and isn't that the truth.

Buffalo is home to some of the most beautiful churches in the world, so whether you're looking to site see, get married or try a new place of worship, here's the top 5 coolest churches in Buffalo, NY.

  • 1

    Our Lady of Victory Basilica

    767 Ridge Rd, Buffalo, NY

    You had to know that this was going to be the #1 pick. Arguably, the most gorgeous church that is in WNY. It's also a popular tourist spot as well because Our Lady of Victory Basilica is home to the Father Baker Museum.

  • 2

    St. Louis Church

    35 Edward St, Buffalo, NY

    One of the tallest churches in Buffalo, built in 1889, this gothic-style church with self-guided tours features stained glass windows & a pipe organ.

  • 3

    Trinity Episcopal Church

    371 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY

    Located in the heart of downtown Buffalo, this is one of the most popular spots in WNY for wedding ceremonies. They book up fast so make sure you get in there right away. Mass is celebrated every Sunday at 10:30.

  • 4

    Unitarian Universalist Church

    695 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY

    In addition to the friendly and kind church beliefs and people, you've got to see the inside, the ceiling! Just amazing architecture!

  • 5

    St Paul's Cathedral

    128 Pearl St, Buffalo, NY

    St. Paul is the church you might see the most if you work downtown. Right across from M&T and it is now home to the "homeless Jesus" statue that has gotten quite the bit of attention in 2015.