The nominees are in and now it's time to see who has the most school spirit in the WBLK Prom Takeover. Tapestry won last year, will they do it again this year? School nominations came in from all over Western New York. So, which school do YOU think deserves to have us take their prom to 'ANOTHER LEVEL' this year?

The students told us why their school deserved to be nominated! See what some of them had to say and is it enough to get your vote? Vote for the school you feel should have their Prom 'Lit' with WBLK and a few BIG SURPRISES!

Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School (Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School)

Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School

"In my opinion, I feel as though Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School should be nominated from the 2016 Prom Takeover because we never had the chance to better our school proms. Throughout the years I've attended Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School, our proms haven't really been all that, basically saying that they could've been better but with the lack of support that wasn't able to happen. We're a smaller school than other Western New York high schools so it's like our voices and opinions aren't really heard as much but with us winning Prom Takeover it'll give us the chance to come on top and better our prom for the first time and to also let our opinions be heard once and for all."

~ Dorian johnson

Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts (

Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts

I feel like my school should win because this is my senior year and so far our senior year has been ruined from no pep rally to a lot of other things and we are really not a bad class I just do t like to see my class walking around to see my classmates saying this is the worst senior year ever or saying that they just want there diploma that's all. It's sad that we have to go through this but I feel as though if we win this would actually be the best thing for us we would all be happy it would make the C/O 2K16 happy so I'm crossing my fingers & praying that we win this. This is what we want & need!

~Dajae Austin


Cheektowaga Central High School (D-Day, Wikimedia)

Cheektowaga Central High School

Our school loves wblk and we want a great dj at our prom this year.

~Natalie Minotti


Health Sciences Charter School (

Health Sciences Charter School

Buffalo academy of science should win because our school is a friendly and loving environment

~Najarae Thomas


McKinley Vocational High School (Wikipedia)

McKinley Vocational High School

All the students did great I think we earn a great prom!

~Judy Nguyyen


Niagara Falls High School (Wikimedia)

Niagara Falls High School

"Our school is full of kids who want the best prom possible for our class. Us seniors have immeasurable spirit and want to make our prom one for the record books. We want this prom to be ingrained in our memory for the rest of our lives and I personally believe that WBLK's Prom Takeover will do just that.!!!

~Victor Spatorico


Tapestry Charter School (

Tapestry Charter School

Tapestry should win because we're the most lit school duh

~Mikaela Woods

Other schools in the running for this year's Prom Takeover include the following as well:

8. Batavia

"Our high school deserves a prom take over because we had a long successful four years from academics to sports. Our senior class deserves the best. The prom is at a local hotel this year, just like the past four and the theme is fire and ice. The class of 2016 wants a chance to make school history, and this is a chance to do so. Please consider us. #Devils"

~Honesty Green

9. Maryvale

"Because we want to have the best prob possible."

~Aidel Alshuaibee

10. Charles D'Amico

"I'm a senior at Albion high school all of our school dances suck and the Djs are horrible but I refuse to have a boring senior prom with horrible Djs please bring the turn up to my small high school and help make this the best prom we've ever had!"

~Mahogany Taylor

11. Oracle

"I think our school should win prom take over because we believe that our school has school spirit. This would mean a lot to us because we really don't get big oppurtunities. We work hard, we deserve something big. We deserve to enjoy ourselves and to have a night to remember."

~Nafia Muhammad

12. Burgard

13. Sweet Home

14. North Collins

15. Fredonia

16. International Prep

****You are seeing the percentage of votes, NOT the actual votes! And there is still time for you to get your classmates together and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE so you can have the BEST prom around! If you have any questions, email ******