Will Good Music's first lady Teyana Taylor join the ranks with Jordan with her new Adidas "Harlem GLC" kicks? Well...not sure I would go that far YET, but she definitely made a lot of noise during All-Star Weekend in Houston!

She debuted the new sneaker and signed autographs for fans alongside Big Sean and Pusha T this past weekend at Houston's Galleria Mall. Now before you start hating on the budding shoe designer, might I add that Jonathan Wexler, who's the Global Director of Entertainer & Influencer Marketing at Adidas, co-signed Teyanas successful launch by stating that her sneakers are the first to sell out as fast as they did in the HISTORY of Adidas! Given the greats that have released a shoe under the Adidas empire, that's actually pretty major!

She might be on to something, you go girl! I want to know what do you think about them? Would you buy them and look for future shoe releases from Ms. Taylor???

Photo Courtesy of Instagram @TeyanaTaylor