From the ring and the dress, to the flowers and the food, there have been countless television specials airing every insignificant detail of the royal union; however I have yet to stumble upon one that details the security that will be present during the event. I mean think about it…this is one of the biggest events not only socially, but in Britain it also holds greats ‘political’ weight. The royal family is one of the greatest political symbol and if you were looking to take a ‘low blow’ this would be the perfect party to crash. Not to mention, this event is going to be viewed WORLDWIDE. If terrorists want to send a message and make their move…why not do it when the ENTIRE world is watching? interviewed Muslim Activist, Anjem Choudary who is a member of the group ‘Muslims Against Crusades.’ This is a group whose website promotes the overthrow of the tierney of Queen Elizabeth II, their desire to bring Shari Law to Britain, and even goes as far as to compare Prince William to a Nazi. In the interview, Anjem stresses his discontent with, what he feels, are the atrocities that both the governments of the U.S. and Britain are committing against Muslims. He reminds viewers that while there is a wedding going on, there is also a war going on and related activists will “take every opportunity to support Muslim brothers and sisters around the world, and save innocent lives” Funny how in the interview he fails to list any of these 'atrocities' he's so upset about.

But let me ask this…What about destroying a royal wedding will help to solve the war in the Middle East? Is it just for an intimidation factor? Do terrorists get one up cause they destroyed a uh…wedding?

Anjem stated…

“We are going to use the platform on the 29th of April to show the world that the Muslims will never remain silent when the British and the American governments are committing atrocities against them”

“They (U.S. and British Muslims) cannot target the life and the wealth of the people of whom they live in return for their life and wealth being protected, but I also have a duty to warn the people that not everyone shares this opinion” Sooo…some people you know are normal but….some may want to senselessly blow up a wedding, hmm….

Towards the end of the interview Anjem makes it clear that he knows of NO direct act of planned violence that will take place this weekend, but he does heed the warning that it is ‘open season’ to attack those who are attacking them, and unless we face the reality of what may happen…"it could be a nightmare”

Watch the full Anjem interview here