According to WBTV in North Carolina, Karen O'Neill is without a question THE BIG DUMMY of the night.

While driving behind a school bus in Hunsterville, N.C. recently, Erica Mitchell saw a sign that read "Every N-word shall perish" pressed up against the window, so she took a photo and followed the bus to alert the driver.

Four teenage boys were suspended, including O'Neill's 15-year-old son, Griffin, who wrote the sign. But she claims her son is not racist and the school is overreacting because the N-word is plentiful "in rap music, movies and on Twitter," therefore it's OK for her son to use it.

Yeah, his mom is an idiot. The fact that she is stupid enough to try to validate her son's stupidity with the rap music plea is ridiculous. I have never heard a rap song yet that says all N's must perish. Case closed. Welcome this mother and her idiot offspring into the BIG DUMMY FILES!

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