The latest entry into The Big Dummy Files are the hating California taxpayers who have the audacity to request that Diddy's son Justin Combs hand back his 45,000 he gets a year in scholarship money.  I don't like the word HATE/HATERS I think it is extremely overused.  Some of the people that use it the most have absolutely nothing to be hated on about. This right here is a clear case of haters doing what haters do and that's hate.  Diddy coined the phrase PHD (Players Haters Degree) and that is exactly what they are doing to his son hating.

This all stems from Diddy's son who will be a sophomore this upcoming semester at UCLA.  He is on a full athletic scholarship to play football at the University. People are complaining because his father has enough money to pay for him to go to school, so they feel like that Diddy should foot the bill for his education.   This is the problem with society we award people who are doing the wrong things instead of people who are doing what they are supposed to do.  Diddy's son is a talented athlete who EARNED a 3.75 GPA in high school and got a scholarship. People should be celebrating instead of knocking the young man for earning a scholarship.

Regardless of his parents financial position he is an individual.  My father would always say to me growing up this is my money you need to work to have your own.  If Justin Combs was out here getting high/arrested and then Diddy ended up paying a good lawyer to get him off people would be complaining about that also.

Being a college athlete isn't easy you have to make sure your on point on the field and in the classroom.  College athletes earn every dime of the money that they get to perform for the college for FREE.  The college makes a lot of money from collegiate sports, and if Justin Combs is good enough to perform at a college level he should get a scholarship. UCLA receive both public and private funds.  These taxpayers who are complaining are mad because they aren't winning.  Salute to Justin Combs keep doing your thing and welcome these haters to THE BIG DUMMY FILES.