Trending this Tuesday afternoon is the Zombie Apocalypse that is set to have started in Miami, Florida. WBLK has photos of the Ron Poppo, the man whose face was 75 percent gone after the alleged zombie formerly known as Rudy Eugene ATE IT!!!

By now, you've heard about the naked man in Miami who police shot six times to stop him from gnawing at an unidentified homeless man's face this weekend. If not, click here for the videos.

Are you ready to SEE the images from this "zombie attack"? OK, click at your own risk.



I personally don't believe in zombies, but something was clearly wrong with this dude for him to:

1) Take off all his clothes in broad daylight;

2) Growl at the police with flesh hanging from his mouth; and

3) Take five shots to the back and continue to enjoy his face feast.


**** This just in: The victim is said to be 65-year-old Ron Poppo, who had been living on the streets for three decades! The photo below comes from the 1964 yearbook from Stuyvesant High School in New York, when Poppo would have been 18 years old. He earned a Bronze Scholarship Certificate, was in Latin Club and worked in the Guidance Office. 

Considering that Stuyvesant has long been one of NYC's best schools, focused on math and science, it's an impressive list of achievements. How did Poppo go from promising high school grad to getting his face chewed off as a drifter on the streets of Miami? For now, it's a mystery.

I also learned that our zombie suspect is said to have excited delirium, a controversial syndrome that supposedly turns drug users (primarily cocaine enthusiasts) into raging and almost unstoppable "Incredible Hulks!" There's even a class in Palm Springs that teaches people how to kick zombie Butt when their excited delirium kicks in! TRUE STORY; people in Florida are flocking to this $75 class.

Remember, this is NOT the first time a zombie like attack has happened in Florida.