I used to think something was wrong with me when I would just talk to myself, and tell myself things about myself. I would say stuff  like " I am great, I was born to be great because I come from greatness"  I now realize that I wasn't crazy at all, what Iwas doing and didn't even know  is that I was speaking life over me. I allowed my words to be release and to be productive in  the atmosphere.  By me speaking it, I believed it and I was able encourage myself in may ways to achieve it, of course with the help of God.

I just want to say Believe in who you are and know your wealth. Take a moment today and look at the man in the mirror and say it with me" I am great, I was born to be great because I come from greatness"  

Check out this little girl who has already grasp the concept. ASK SEEK KNOCK you got to be a Go Getta!