Is It Time To Do Away With Summer Vacation For Students?

OVERVIEW: Some would say that summer vacation for students originated back in the day, so that students could work on the farms during the 8-10 weeks during the summer months. Others say that it originated with upper class rich folk that wanted to take time off and travel with their children and give them some down time to rest from the strenuous tasks of learning.

No matter what the reason for creating summer vacation for students; today within our community at home and around this country there are issues concerning education. With high levels of drop-out rates in Buffalo, High incarceration rates, and crime, education whether its African centered and or completely overhauled, it must be addressed immediately!

With that said, we are just a few days away from summer vacation for students and I’m sure that if you have students that will be out for the summer, you are and have been in the process of planning what they will be doing for the next several weeks.

One of the things that I admire so much about Dr. Jawanzaa Kunjufu is his ability to research the educational system, students, teachers, and parents and then conduct workshops on his findings with those mentioned. Dr. Kunjufu says that those students that stay on task the longest usually do much better than those that do not. He further states that anything you spend more time doing you perfect your talents in that area. Asian people are not necessarily smarter than any other cultural group, but they study longer and stay on task longer! If all our children do is play, whether it be video games, basketball, hanging out on the corner, watching television, listening to music, more than they spend time studying and learning, that’s what they will be good at and master along the way!