WNY Headed For Warmer Winter Than Usual
Predicting weather in Buffalo isn't easy. We get a little bit of everything. But normally we can count on heavy winter weather...although the experts are thinking differently this year.
The Ice at Canalside Offers Extended Hours This Week
The Ice at Canalside is offering special Holiday hours this week while the kids are off from school, and many adults are on vacation.
The extended hours will last through Sunday, January 3, 2016
Skating times:

Monday-Wednesday — 10 a
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Fun Things to Do Outside Before Christmas in Buffalo 2015
Of course, you want to get most of these done before Christmas to put you in the great holiday mood, so make sure you come back and check that you did each one. On the list there is something for everyone and some great ideas to do with the kids while they are on their Christmas breaks from school o…
Top 5 Things That Annoy Drivers From Buffalo, NY [LIST]
In Buffalo, we typically can get almost anywhere in Western New York in about 20 or 25 minutes or less. Compared to most cities in the United States, that is pretty good. But, there's always a few cars that seem to tick you right off when you get on the road for one reason or another...
Winter Storm Warning Cancelled
All weekend long we heard from local and national meteorologist about this massive storm that was riding up the coast and would dump up to 16" of snow in parts of Western New York. Well some of you may have seen snow on the ground but we saw nothing but wet pavement here in Buffalo.
Are You Ready For Winter?
Winter is coming, It will be here before you know it. Forecasters say it will come early and stay late.  It is going to be snowy and colder.  If you live in Western New York you know anything can happen.