Fabolous And Emily B Married???
After some time speculating that rapper Fabolous and his long time girlfriend and mother of his child Emily B of Love and Hip Hop New York we're secretly planning to tie the knot,  it seems like they may have actually took the plunge!
Amber Twerks & Juicy J Performs At Wiz’ Wedding [VIDEO]
I never really thought of "Bandz a make Her Dance" as a wedding song. Then again I never imagine myself twerking at my own bachelorette party. But hey whatever works for Wiz & Amber is fine by me! Check out video and pics of the Taylors wedding inside.
White Church Bans Black Couples Wedding [THE BIG DUMMY FILES]
Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson were preparing to get married at First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs (that's in Mississippi, big surprise right ?), but the day before the ceremony, the pastor informed them that the white members of the "predominately" white church object…
$1K To Find Man A “Nice Lady”
A guy in Massachusetts will make you "Guest Of Honor" at his wedding and is offering YOU a $1000.00 reward if you can hook him up with a wife!  According to his self-made website,, he wants a "nice lady" who he shares chemistry with.  He sa…
Woman Marries A Building [THE BIG DUMMY FILES]
Welcome to the BIG DUMMY FILES Mon -Thurs on your radio at 7:50p on The Only Night Show That Matters, you can always catch a Big Dummy right here at The latest entry into the Big Dummy Files Babylonia Aivaz, you should already know from the name that she is CRAZY ...

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