“Magic Man” 16 Years At ‘The Peoples Station’ 93.7 WBLK
Well, today marks the start of my 16th year at 93.7 WBLK. That also means 16 years in Buffalo/ WNY. Its been an amazing 16 years being able to bring some great music to the people of Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Southern Ontario.
 It was 1995 when I arrived at the old studio of WBLK 712 Main Stree…
IM READY FOR WAR !!! lol (Summer Fun)
So the other day i was at work and soon as i came outside it was "WAR" lol, everybody had water guns and water ballons and proceeded to try and soak me.
So me never willing to take a loss i went to the nearest store and bought a Huge water gun to get payback...