Aaron Hernandez Guilty As Charged [VIDEO[
"Murder was the Case That They Gave Me"!!  Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of killing his friend Odin Llyod. He kept a poker face as the judge read off his sentence. Watch this.
Police Fatally Shoot Boy Twice In His Back [VIDEO]
A scuffle breaks out. Police arrive on the scene. A boy takes off running. Cop shoots the suspect twice in his back. Suspect dies from the gun shot wounds. Cop on paid leave. Yes it is a familiar story. This time it happened on Easter weekend in Illinois. Details inside. #JusticeForJustus
Welcome to the "DUBSMASH CHALLENGE"!!!
Each week I'll go out and find a random "Dubsmash Challenger" to compete with me (Todd Anderson) for the Title of "DUBSMASHER OF THE WEEK"!!!!
This week, the very 1st DUBSMASH Challenge Contender is CHANE…

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