Scandal Recap: Fitz & Oliva Phone Sex [VIDEO]
On last night's Scandal, Fitz wants Olivia to prove she wasn't lying when she said there was hope. He goes into intimate detail what he would do to her if she came over to the White House that minute to prove it to him. After weeks of cheering for Jake, this moment had me back on Team Fitz…
“Try Me” Hustle Gang Remix [AUDIO]
The little homie Dej Loaf from Detroit may be an unknown artist, but she is the one behind your favorite rapper's favorite song. Hustle Gang's T.I., Troy Ave & Trae the Truth offer their version of "Try Me" Check it out here.
Man To President: “Don’t Touch My Girlfriend” [VIDEO]
A Chicago woman learned there are many benefits to early voting. Not only did she avoid long lines at the poll, thanks to her fiance, she got a kiss from the President! Watch the viral video here.
President Obama was in Chicago on Monday campaigning for Gov...

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