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Tyler Perry Catches The Heat For His Choice In “Kasting”
Tyler Perry has been hard at work filming his new film "The Marriage Counselor" due to release in 2012. The cast is, as usual, star-studded and looking great! The only unsual thing about this cast is that one of its members is causing major contraversy for Tyler and the film. Who i…
Kim Kardashian: Is She Really A Role Model?
A lot of Tyler Perry fans are upset over his casting of Kim Kardashian in his upcoming movie “The Marriage Counselor.”  It’s a film about faith, forgiveness and healing power of God.  I get it. My beef is calling her a role model for the younger …
Toure Calls Tyler Perry Movies Malt Liqour for the Masses
The debate continues is Tyler Perry bad for black people or is it plain old good entertainment. I have often criticized Tyler Perry's work because he creates an image for black women to go out and do whatever, and at the end of the day some MAN will come to the rescue and save you...
Know Thyself Community Wednesday [Video]

Why Do We Choose To Laugh Instead Of Think?
Taken from the book by Tom Burrell:
Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority
A woman wrote an open letter to Tyler Perry on September 11, 2009…Dear Mr. Perry: I appreciate your commitment to giving black folks jobs in front of and behin…
Why Is The Joke Always On Us?
Have you ever just sat back and thought about how most black comedians and black comedy movies continue to carry over the jokes of the past from generation to generation? We do not realize how some of the same jokes that reflect our cultural behavior is passed down from one generation to the next; a…
Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls’ Wins Big at NAACP Image Awards
From MTV.com: Tyler Perry is one of the top Black producers of movies and Television Shows in Hollywood but he has yet to find himself accepting an Academy Award.
Tyler Perry has yet to crack the Oscar ceiling, but the multi-hyphenate took home the gold at the NAACP Image Awards Friday night (March 4…
Director Beef???
So I have heard of Rappers beef but Director beef?
The Director of Best Man, Malcolm Lee is not really feeling director Tyler Perry.
Recently Malcolm Lee has been very talkative with the media after the big 12 year reunion party with the cast of the Best Man...

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