Fans React To Robin Thicke / Paula Patton Divorce
People Magazine released an exclusive statement Monday (February 24) that has crushed many and inspired others. Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are getting a divorce after being together 20 years! Peep fans' reactions inside.
Trump To Reward Heroic Bus Driver with Ca$h [VIDEO]
Buffalo Bus Driver Darnell Barton, our local hero who saved a young lady from committing suicide, is being rewarded by Billionaire Donald Trump.
Mr. Trump was so impressed by Barton that he took it upon him to give this selfless man $10,000 dollars for his heroics...
Sensitive Rapper Drake Kicks Future Off Tour [VIDEO]
Future insults Drake in an interview. Drakes kicks him off the Tour. Future files lawsuit against Drake! Did Future cross the line by biting the hand who feeds him or is Drake just being too sensitive? Hear what Buffalo had to say on this #HotTopicTuesday
Does Stacey Dash Need To Have A Seat?
As if Stacey Dash’s outspoken support of Mitt Romney during the 2012 Presidential Elections weren't enough, my once-favorite actress was recently targeted on Twitter after tweeting her support for Paula Deen.

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