Fans React To Robin Thicke / Paula Patton Divorce
People Magazine released an exclusive statement Monday (February 24) that has crushed many and inspired others. Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are getting a divorce after being together 20 years! Peep fans' reactions inside.
Why Do You Think Women Twerk? ***[EXPLICIT VIDEO]
You can search pretty much ANYTHING on YouTube and something regarding what you're searching for will come up right????  Well, I tried this..... "WHY DO WOMEN TWERK?"  Hmmmm... I searched page after page and NO ONE must be asking that question...
Is Miley Cyrus Being Unfairly Ridiculed?
I think all the criticism that's being directed at Miley Cyrus is Ridiculous, Crazy, & Unfair!
Are people BLIND?  Miley Cyrus' performance during the MTV VMA's was no more TERRIBLE than the performances in Robin Thicke's NEW SONG - "Give It 2U"...w..…
New Disease: Twerkaholism!
This documentary exposes the life of a "Twerkaholc"  It reveals what she went through and how it almost ruined her life and her life with her family 

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