Ascension 2012
"Become an independent thinker and find the truth within."
In 2008 my partner and I were inspired to create the branded company JR Galactic. Now I know understand the namesake.
Life is so much more than here on Earth
Sanders: “Never Lose Hope” (VIDEO)
We talk a lot on WBLK about the hopelessness the youth in must feel to go out and wreck havoc in our community with their senseless violence.

NFL legend Deion Sanders is going through it right now with his wife Pilar, but yet he still finds the strength to encourage his fans. See the inspir…
Know Thyself - Love Thy neighbor
In the midst of Monday Madness, may we remember these Basic ideas of Unity
1) There is only One Presence and One Power in the universe: God the Good, omnipotent.
2) The Spirit of God indwells every person...