Tracy Morgan

UPDATE: WalMart Blames Tracey Morgan For His Injuries [VIDEO]
Just when I thought corporations couldn't get any more greedy, Walmart proves me wrong. In an effort to combat pending lawsuit, the super Giant retailer claims that the plaintiffs in the Limo/Truck accident "acted unreasonably" and therefore caused their own injuries! Details …
Tracy Morgan Speaks For First Time Since Tragic Accident
The comedian/ actor, Tracy Morgan seems to be back to his joking ways but we are surely aware of the trepidation and troubles he is facing mentally after the tragic car accident that took his friend’s life as well injured him, putting him in the hospital  for a few weeks. Check …
Tracy Morgan Promotes Buffalo [VIDEO]
When I first came to Buffalo, NY there was no question what I would have for dinner my first night in town... Buffalo Wings of course! I gotta say, the chicken wings here are off the chain! Tracy Morgan is on a mission to prove that the Buffalo flavor we love is ready to take on a new food group.