Left Over Turkey?
You've picked out the best turkey or maybe you won one through our annual "Give You The Bird" giveaway and cooked it to perfection. Your family and friends raved about it and said it was the best turkey they ever had, but there's one problem...
Happy Thanksgiving!
As one of the Valued "People" who make the existence of "THE PEOPLE'S STATION, WBLK" possible, help us compile a list of things we can all be THANKfUL for this Thanksgiving.  Try not to duplicate anything already mentioned on the list.…
Happy #NationalDayofMourning
While you all are finishing up your turkey, dressing & such and preparing for your evening of blissful shopping or post dinner drinking, remember that not everyone celebrates this Day of Thanks as we call it in these United States of America...
Why Do You Celebrate Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the 4th Thursday of November, during autumn in the United States after the crops are gathered. When the first European settlers in America gathered their crops, they celebrated. They thanked their God for the success of the harvest...
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!  Tis the time to Deep Fry that Turkey and AVOID burning yourself up and the house down.  Each year so many people tragically die or burn their homes down trying to deep fry a turkey.  Make it a Happy Thanksgiving this year and use this Blog as a guideline for d…
Light vs Dark Skin Thanksgiving! [POLL] (just for fun)
Tom Joyner was hilarious Tuesday morning when he started talking to Sybil and Anthony Brown.  The discussion was about how Light Skinned people and Dark Skinned people are different on Thanksgiving.... it was SOOOO FUNNY!
So I decided to do a little Light Skinned -vs- Dark Skinned,Thanksgiv…
What Lady K Is Thankful For
What a year 2011 has been so far. I can't believe it's almost over! I took some time to really think about everything I'm thankful for this year and this is what I came up with.
WBLK Turkeys for Buffalo!!
93.7 WBLK wants to thank everybody who came out and received a "Juicy" 10 pound Turkey during our "WBLK Give You The Bird" promotion.  WBLK dj's Lady K and T-Boogie were on hand at Doris Records to help deliver the bird!!!

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