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Tech News: Hot New Phone (T-Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S 2)
Soon T-Mobile will be dropping their newest Android phone the "Samsung Galaxy S 2". this is a must have if you are a tech geek like me who has to have all the latest devices. First it is 4g capable which means you will be surfing the web and super fast speeds it packs a Dual-core 1…
Hackers Tweet Fake Terroist Attack Story Via NBC
Just days before the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, hackers are back at it again with their devious work - this time, gaining access to the NBC Twitter and posting a false story of a terrorist attack in New York.
Google Pulls E-Wallet Out of Pocket
Google officially uncovered its e-wallet, at an introduction event with partners in New York, Thursday.
Google executives showed off the e-wallets sophisticated ability of making purchases and downloading e-coupons with a Google Nexus S Android smartphone...