FreeMix Podcast 11/08/11 R.I.P. Heavy D
Here we go the FREEMIX for 11/08/11 with THE HEAVY D TRIBUTE Mix we celebrated the life of Heavy D tonight during the MIX. Hit me on twitter during the show @djsupreme!!!! Download HERE
Heavy D Dead At 44
Rap legend Heavy D has died at a Los Angeles Hospital. Born Dwight Arrington Myers, Heavy D is known for Hip Hop Classics such as We Got Our Own Thang, Overweight Lover, and so many more. According to TMZ Police were called around 11:00 this morning to a home where they found an unconscious Heavy D,…
Terrell Owen’s 5 Reasons To Use Protection
Terrell Owens has 4 children by 4 different women. He was a millionaire superstar athlete making a lot of money every year so he figured hey let me go around and spread my DNA all around the country. Now his income is ZERO, with almost 40,000 dollars in child support here are 5 reasons for T...
Dr. Conrad Murray Found GUILTY
Dr. Conrad Murray has been found GUILTY of involuntary man slaughter in the case of Michael Jackson's death now a homocide. Michael Jackson died in June of 2009, of an overdose of surgical anesthetic propofol, aggravated by effects of the sedative lorazepam...
“Cold”-The *Un-Official* Buffalo Bills Anthem [AUDIO]
Shout out to my man L.D.M./Mr Masterpiece for the Un-Official Bills Anthem. I always thought Lil Wayne's verse on Swizzy (Remix) would make a great sample for the Bills. It goes :
"George Gervin, I'mma get my chill on
I'm cold, yeah I get my Buffalo Bill on"
I happened …
Justin Bieber’s BABY MAMA Drama is CONFIRMED?
So if you haven't heard about the paternity suit Justin Bieber is involved in with a 20 year old woman who is claiming Bieber is her baby's daddy ... Yes JUSTIN BIEBER so we hit up Psychic Wayne....Psychic to the STARS who has a 90% rate of being correct when he reads the Tarot...
The FreeMix Podcast 11/02/11
Here we go the FREEMIX for 11/02/11 with the TRENDING TOPIC #thingsifindattractive hit me on twitter during the show @djsupreme!!!! Download HERE
Download Trey Songz New Mixtape
So I told you way back in September the new Trey Songz mixtape was dropping on 11-1-11. Well today is 11-1-11 and as promised it's HERE.  In the DJ Supreme tradition of providing you with FREE stuff check it out and let me know what you think...

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