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Alicia Keys Addresses ‘Homewrecker’ Rumors
Alicia Keys was branded with the scarlet "H" -- the none-too-coveted "homewrecker" title -- when she and Swizz Beatz made their relationship public, because Swizz was still legally married at the time. And now she's speaking out about the rumors.
Rumor Or Real: Alicia Keys Turns Over The Mic For The Turn Tables
Rumor or Real??
Alicia Keys decides to change careers, drops the Mic and picks up the turn tables DJ AK 47?
At a recent party in NYC at Yotel hubby Swizzy was DJing and he decided he was getting tired so he tagged in his partner in crime  and wife Alicia Keys and was asked for her to show off her…
Alicia Keys Has A Song For Momma: Her Mother
What a perfect way to bring in her first Mother's Day. New mom Alicia Keys has penned a tribute song for her mother.
New mom Alicia Keys will undoubtedly have lots to celebrate this Mother's Day, but the singer is also acknowledging her own mother with a new song.
What Does it Mean to Buy Life?
There is a profound difference between living and life. Living may extend time for another day. But life is far more than sleeping and waking. Life is more than merely existing.
Swizz Beatz Partners with Reebok
Shoe deals are not just for athletes anymore. Thesource.com is featuring an article about the new Swizz Beatz/Reebok shoe deal that merges the artist's passion for fashion, music and art into a new Reebok Classic design.
Swizz Beatz Owes Millions To Uncle Sam
Seems like Swizz Beatz’s finances are not as in order as his most recent accomplishments, the success of his career, a recent marriage to Alisha Keys, and the birth of a son, according to sources, Swizz joins a bevy of artists who've failed to pay their taxes on time...