West Seneca “Apologetic Subway Robber” At Large!
According to News Reports, a man robbed two separate Subway of them a West Seneca Subway restaurant where the "robber" actually apologized for his actions saying, "I hate to do this, I'm so sorry" (according to News Reports)
Police are looking for a man who, acco…
Jared In Hot Water Over Alleged Sex With 16 Year Old Girl
Jared Fogle may be in more trouble than we originally thought allegedly he has reportedly paid $100 to have sex with a 16-year-old girl ... an encounter he called "amazing."
The FBI has subpoenaed text messages between Jared and a Subway employee with whom he was having a sex…
Buffalo Hero Saves Man[VIDEO]
Steven Love is a Buffalo Hero forever but,based on his news interview,  this humble young man is a rare breed in today's society; and isn't looking for the accolades of being a "Life Saver".