Bold Man, Child Caught on Surveillance Video Shoplifting
According to News Reports, the man and child, seen stealing in this surveillance video, are father and son.  There's a stipulation regarding arresting them, however. Reportedly they are Canadians and do not live in the United States, making it hard to locate and prosecute them...
Step Mom Humiliates Son For Smoking Weed [VIDEO]
These days kids think they are grown way too quick. So when this 12 yr old boy failed gym class and came home smelling like weed, his step-mom took to HIS social media to embarrass him in the worst way! Check this out.
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HBD Jam master Jay! [Video]
January 21st is a date that we will all remember as President Obama celebrates the beginning of his historic second term in office on Martin Luther King's National Day of Service.
But before Barack Obama was a popular name in Politics, before MLK Day was a  Federal Holiday, this date belong…
Whose Son is This?
Ladies...Whose Son is this and what's your comment about what you're seeing?
He looks kind of like _______ in the face but he's built like __________.
Oh...and what's your guess regarding his age?