10 Pair of Kicks You Need This Spring
Spring is here and when you are buying new clothes for this season make sure you pick up a pair of kicks to match your outfits. If you don’t feel like standing in line for sneakers or spend half of your paycheck on shoes
then this list will help you out.
Sneakers from China trying to break into USA markets
Chinese sneaker manufacturer knew they could not compete with the likes of Nike in the United States so it went another route, Li-Ning posted a video on Youtube (where most of their target market spends a lot of time). The video focused on the history of the shoe manufacturere and took a few di…
“Altitude” Air Jordan 13 Due Out Today
The new Air Jordan Altitude 13 are out today and are expected to be on the wish list for many. has posted an article about the differences between this new version as well as some og the more recent retro Air Jordan's.