Buffalo Suffers 10th Shooting In Two Weeks
Buffalo has suffered from violence just like a lot of other cities, which get worldwide attention for being a dangerous place to live. This last shooting marked the 10 shooting in buffalo in just two weeks. People protest violence in other cities but seem to not comment on their own backyard...
“Facebook Beef” Turns Brutal (VIDEO)
On Sunday afternoon an Ohio teen met up with a guy he was having beef on Facebook to settle the dispute "man-to-man". After a quick blow to the head, 17 year old Mustafa McHorter was knocked  unconscious yet the boys kept kicking him while he was down; entertain…
Rev Winans Assaulted (VIDEO)
A prominent Pastor/Actor was carjacked and assaulted Wednesday afternoon in Detroit.
Four young black males escaped with his wallet, Rolex, cell phone and luxury SUV after ripping the Pastor's pant off his body.
‘If I Die Tonight’
52 people murdered this year in Buffalo.  52 beloved sons, daughters, friends, mothers, fathers. 52 lives. I never thought I would be writing an article about this.
'Addicted to drama so even mama couldn't raise me
Even the preacher and all my teachers couldn't reach me'