Selina Kaye

Got Tested?
To commemorate World AIDS Day, members from Exude Magazine put together a public service announcement asking people if they were tested for HIV and AIDS.
Hometown Crooner Returns
Buffalo native Brian McKnight came home this weekend and blew everyone away with his soulful, sensual and animated performance at UB Center for the Arts. He sang all his hits including One Last Cry, Anytime, and Back At One.
Kardashians Going Too Far?
I love the Kardashian sisters just as much as the next girl. And I know they are hustlers branding themselves from clothing, to drinks, diet supplements, perfumes and facial creme. But this next venture kind of makes me mad.
Simmons Intern flashes T.I. Vajayjay
I know T.I. is sexy and a great rapper, but let's remember he is married. Publicly. He's not like other rappers who hide their wives. But his marriage status couldn't stop one intern from showing him the goodies.
Target Ad Leaked
Black Friday is right around the corner, and big retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Macy's are in big competition mode. Unfortunately for Target, someone leaked the exclusive ad to Brad Olson, founder of, a site that markets itself as an"official" Black Frida…
Movies To See
This season of fall and winter movies are always my favorite. And there are a few movies that haven't been released yet that capture my attention.
Undercovers Cancelled
I'm so NOT surprised with this announcement! NBC announced yesterday that it will not order additional episodes beyond the original 13-episodes they already requested.   The "Undercovers" cast is currently filming Episode 12. That means the show g…
Charlie Murphy Boo’d Off Stage
Actor/comedian Charlie Murphy performed at Grambling State University yesterday, in front of a group of 500 college students. Murphy rose to fame after his stint on Comedy Central’s  The Dave Chappelle Show in 2003. But surprisingly during the middle of his set he got boo&CloseC…
Sheen, Other Celebs In The Dog House
Charlie Sheen has had his fair share of scandals, from drinking, violence, prostitution, porn stars and drugs. But for the most part people forgive him for everything he does! He has a hit TV show and is raking in over 2 million dollars per episode. And though his lifelong battle of rehab, alleged p…