Buffalo’s Secret Lovers [THE SCENARIO]
“How do these grown women allow lil boys to run silly games on them ?"
Tonight's scenario comes from a young lady from Niagara Falls who is concerned about her cousin dealing with a married man. Here is what she wrote.
Dear Supreme/WBLK
I hear you talking about subject on saturday night that have…
Should I Hook My Friend Up With Mr. Wrong [THE SCENARIO]
Tonight's Scenario comes from a female listener who wrote me saying this:
“My best friend wanted me to hook her up with one of my boyfriend’s homeboys. He is an attractive guy but my boyfriend told me and I witnessed on so many occasions that he has some issues with women.…
Married Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ? [THE SCENARIO]
A female listener hit me up with tonight's Scenario lets try to help her out. Here is what she is dealing with:
“Ok so I’m a young fun married woman (26). But I don’t know how to tell my husband I don’t fit this life right now. I really thi…
How Can I Keep A Man From Cheating [THE SCENARIO]
This is the scenario for the day, a age old question and a great way to kick off the new year. One that I think every woman on the planet can relate to this came from a female listener. I caught my boyfriend of 2 years in a lie about another woman...
When Is It OK To Go Back To A Ex? [THE SCENARIO]
Today's Topic comes from a male listener who wrote into say :
My girl and I have now been apart almost 2 years. It's been a roller coaster ride of events. She has dated a guy who was abusive and I have been with a few sorry women myself. We didn't have a really bad break up, but we did…