Samantha Cothran

Toney Boi – Samantha [B.V.O.]
Tonights Buffalo's Very Own Track is by Toney Boi its called Samantha. This song is a dedication to Samantha Cothran. The young lady who was shot at a house party on Minnesota Ave. R.I.P. to Samantha do you think Toney Boi should make it back next week vote now ...
“WatchHerDoIt” – Samantha Cothran
FaceBook says a lot about a person...POSITIVELY!...  mostly because it allows us to highlight the things we LIKE as opposed to what we don't... AND... it allows us to share some of our proud accomplishments.
I was interested in a particular FaceBook Page today, and once I found it…
Justice for Eastside Shootings (POLL)
Saturday May 12th 2012 7 people were shot on the streets of Buffalo, NY. For Fisk University graduate Samantha Corthan, the shot was fatal. The community is buzzing with talk of stricter punishments for violent criminals claiming the lives of our youth.