Best R&B Fan Art
From gifts to showing up at every concert, fans show devotion to their favorite artists in various ways. And some actually find so much inspiration in their favorite R&B singer that they take their creativity to paper or computer screen and come out with a work of art.
Rihanna & Drake Dinner Date?
Riahanna and Drake were sopotted out having an intimate dinner at Son's of Essex just a few weeks after Rihanna revealed that Drake’s new song “Hold On, We’re Going Home” was her favorite song of the moment.
It's unclear whether the date was an attempt to rekindle their flame or to dicuss a possible …
Is Rihanna Snorting Cocaine? [VIDEO]
Rihanna makes no secret that she's not a role model -- she says so herself all the time. But the hard-partying singer may be partying with hard substances as well.
A new video surfaced that led many members of the Bajan beauty's beloved Navy to worry that she's actually using cocaine.

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