Drake & Rihanna Call It Quits
Judging by the pictures that I was seeing surfacing of the two, you can get a sense of the inequality between the two, a blind heartless woman can see that Drake is clearly way more into Rihanna than she is into him. That's always dangerous and a set up for a break up
Chris Brown Thrown Back In Jail Today?
So Chris Brown STILL can't keep himself out of jail! The singer had been ordered to anger management therapy for 90 days as a result of the Rihanna beating. But during the last assault case he caught in Washington DC, he was ordered to remain in rehab while that case played out...
WBLK & Hopsice Buffalo Need Your Help!!!!
TONIGHT from 5PM to 7:30PM YOU ARE INVITED to join & help WBLK raise funds for Hospice Buffalo.  
The Fund Raiser also has a "competitive" edge, in that different Radio & Television Stations are being motivated to win the Media Challenge and come out "O…

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