Boyfriend Can’t Handle The Truth [POLL] [SCENARIO]
Every Saturday we discuss a different topic about LIFE called the SCENARIO: This weekend's scenario comes from a female listener this is what she wrote ?
“This is for the men, I had my phone in my purse and it accidentally called my boyfriend while I was talking to my girls...
Are Buff Girls Too Rough?
On this Open Mic Know Thyself Community Wednesday, a mother of a black boy in Buffalo worries that her son will end up with a white women because he is "scared of black girls." The young boy says that he "loves the way black girls look, but they are just mean!" Jo…
Should I Hook My Friend Up With Mr. Wrong [THE SCENARIO]
Tonight's Scenario comes from a female listener who wrote me saying this:
“My best friend wanted me to hook her up with one of my boyfriend’s homeboys. He is an attractive guy but my boyfriend told me and I witnessed on so many occasions that he has some issues with women.…

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