Beyonce ‘Countdown’ Premiered on MTV [VIDEO]
Beyonce premiered the new video for her single countdown on MTV last night. (Who knew MTV still showed Videos) Anyway I guess this video will end all debate about her lying about being pregnant. She looks very pregnant in the video and really doesnt do to much dancing...
30 Second Sneak Peek of Beyonce’s Countdown [VIDEO]
Beyonce just released a 30 second sneek peak video, for her song countdown. In the video she channels one of her beauty icons (Audrey Hepburn). The video looks like a fun colorful concept, and YES you can clearly see that she is pregnant in the video...
Chris Brown Takes A Fall While Performing [VIDEO]
Donnie Mc Clurkin said it the best "We Fall Down But We Get Back Up Again". It seems like every celebrity seems to be taking a spill on stage and the latest victim in Chris Brown. During the F.A.M.E. he fell while performing Beautiful People
[Exclusive of the Day] Solange – Favors
It must be hard being Beyonce's sister, but Solange keeps it moving and is working on her third studio album. She has a lot of big producers helping her out (Pharell), the album is going to be very "dance" sounding. She recently "leaked" at track on twitter …
Tyrese – Stay [Video]

I posted the trailer for this the other day. I really like videos with story lines the song isnt bad either. What do you think ?
Chris Brown Streams Performance From His iPhone
Broadcasting straight from his iPhone, C Breezy spent some time vibing with musician friends and wanted to share it with the world!
His first selection was a cover of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" and then the guitarist went right into his hit "NO BS...

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