Does Stacey Dash Need To Have A Seat?
As if Stacey Dash’s outspoken support of Mitt Romney during the 2012 Presidential Elections weren't enough, my once-favorite actress was recently targeted on Twitter after tweeting her support for Paula Deen.
Patient Care Vs. Race
There has been a Federal Lawsuit filed against a Detroit Michigan hospital after a nurse filed and complaint against the hospital and a nursing manager, when she read a note posted in a patient's assignment clipboard that read "No African-Americans to take care of baby" per re…
Here's a BLACK HISTORY MONTH LESSON & QUIZ for you!!!!!!!!!.....
Question:  Who Is The Most Famous BLACK PERSON in China?
Answer: 20 Year-Old Lou Jing!!!!
Question: Why?
Answer: Because She's Black...and HATED!!!!!
Why Is She HATED?

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