The Moonlight Masquerade
Its so easy to take your heath for granted especially if you have never really been ill. Things like going out and hanging with your friends after school and/or attending one's prom seems like a given for most high school students. However, many kids with cancer miss out on this tradition becau…
Male Student Crowned Prom Queen! [VIDEO]
As Gay Pride celebrations were gearing up here in the Queen City, a gay student in Connecticut was proud to be accepted and celebrated as the high schools Prom Queen! Watch this exclusive interview inside.
Georgia Students Fund First Integrated Prom
Separate White-only and Black-only proms have been a tradition for far too long in Wilcox County, Ga. But finally, the Class of 2013 had the option to party with their friends, regardless of race. Find out how four progressive students changed history!
WBLK Wants To Take Over Your Prom — Vote Now!
How would you like for WBLK to come through and take over your prom?! If your school wins the 2013 WBLK Prom Takeover, your prom will be all the way “turnt up” with DJ Supreme in the mix! And the 93.7 WBLK Prom Squad will drop in to hype it up with hot prizes and a specia…
Top 3 Prom Tips
With Prom season just getting started, there are many tips and tricks to remember in order to assure a night you will never forget. Things like picking out a dress or finding that perfect date can be tough, but on prom day these should be the least of worries!
Top 5 Prom Fashion Trends
The boy you like finally asked you to the Prom, now WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR??? Check out the hottest new fashions for Prom.

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