4th Grader Runs for President with Dynamic Platform! [VIDEO]
4th Grader Cayden Stanley did nothing new running for Class President, but his Platform stretched well beyond your normal 4th Grade Agenda.  This is one 4th Grader on a True Mission for CHANGE, and based on his ideals, Cayden not only won the Presidential Seat in his 4th Grade Class, but also t…
Will Smith For President?
Will Smith has racked up Grammy Awards and is an Oscar nominated actor and is one of the most accomplished thespians in the acting business.
President Uses “N-Word” While On The Air [VIDEO]
President Obama is catching some heat for using "Offensive language" while discussing racism in America on the "WTF Podcast". But I love the realness in this discussion. Watch the 1st Black President say the full "N-Word" in the original video he…

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