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Lupe Fiasco Vs D.L. Hughley on NOT Voting [POLL]
Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco used Twitter to respond to comments made by comedian D.L. Hughley over Lupe’s reluctance to participate in the upcoming presidential election. He attempted to reason and explain why President Obama needs key factors bigger than the Hip Hop community to achi…
#S17 OWS Victory: Debt Forgiveness is Here! [VIDEO]
One year ago, the 99% took to the streets of New York to demand economic justice from the Wall Street Banksters who were bailed out and left Americans on Main Street to hold the bag.
Today the Occupy Wall Street Protesters are back in Manhattan with a laundry list of demands some of which are already…
Admirable Celebrity Dads [VIDEO]
Being a celebrity father is much tougher than meets the eye.  Kids deserve as much attention as possible however with a career such as music or acting, sometimes it's hard to find time for everything.  Below are some celebrity fathers who have managed to make it work and are willing to shed some adv…
Republicans & Democrats Agree On JOBS
Just when I thought it would never happen, House Republicans and Democrats agree on a jobs bill. President Obama will sign the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act live via CNN at 2:15pm today. Supporters say the JOBS act will help small businesses and create jobs, into law.
ADRI.V Meet’s Soledad O’Brien and Hill Harper
ADRI.V Meet's Soledad O’Brien and Hill Harper
How often can you say in one day that you have encountered greatness?
In one day I was enlighten by the presence of two great people. This past Thursday I had the great opportunity to meet and hear Author, Actor and Philanthropist Hill…

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