President Barack Obama

Obama on 1st Debate: “I Was Too Polite” [AUDIO]
This morning on the TJMS The President called in to address his performance in the first debate and what he will do for the Black community. Listen to the entire interview inside! Then Double check your voting registration status and get ready to vote on Nov 6th!
Mock Presidential Election [POLL]
Did you know there are 12 Presidential Candidates vying for the Presidency of The United States?
Take the "MOCK 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION POLL" and you'll see all of can write in your own Presidential Candidate!
Does the GOP Have “Obama Racism”?
An article in the Buffalo News this morning suggests that Racism abounds among Republicans and that some GOP Members oppose Obama policies and, to the extreme, hate the President because he's Black!
Mock Presidential Election!
Let's step into the Time Capsule and move the clock ahead to November... VOTE for your favorite Presidential Candidate.  There are, surprisingly, 15 CANDIDATES.  Who is your next President?

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