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You've heard talk lately about a "FISCAL CLIFF"...but what is it?  When I do infrequently catch the news I hear News Anchors say how this WILL affect all of us and taxes WILL increase DRASTICALLY!!!
So let's take a listen and look at the "FISCAL CLIFF" and an explanation from Pres…
Aren't there laws in place that protect the PRESIDENT of THE UNITED STATES from this type of buffoonery???? This is terribly disrespectful.  What has President Obama done PERSONALLY to Glenn Beck or anyone to the extent he deserves to be hated, debased, and insulted to this extreme...
Problems With Voting?
If you ANY problems voting today, here are some helpful sources of information regarding who you can call or contact to help:

The Erie County Board Of Elections:

Report Voting Problems:

Who Gets Your Vote?
Supposedly voting is a "CONFIDENTIAL" process such that some people flatly refuse to say who they're voting for...and I don't get it.  It's not necessary for me TO get it...everyone has a right to their own reasoning and opinion...and my opinion is...
Donald Trump Busts Barack!
What is Donald Trump's problem?  He's still on this kick regarding President Obama's Birth Certificate, claiming the President is not a qualified candidate because (according to Trump) he was not born in the U.S.
NOW, trump has come up wit a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT the he is convinced …
How Much Do You Know About Politics ? [VIDEO]
With the Know Thy Self Community Wednesday question being about politics, it made me want to blog about something I see everyday especially with the election coming up. People blogging, posting, and tweeting about politics that have know idea what they are talking about...
Consider a Mormon President
I posted this question on my personal Facebook Page a couple days ago and never expected the number of responses my "thought" would generate.  Here's the question I posed and the responses...what's your opinion?
Ask yourself...what would life in the U...

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