Gay Marriage & Weed Legal By Popular Vote! [VIDEO]
The Power of the People not only re-elected President Barack Obama, our voices were heard on two key moral issues in this Country: Smoking Pot for Fun and Same Sex Marriage. Find out which States voted YES to these proposals and more, after the jump.
Romney’s Binder Women Speak Out
Even if you didn't see the last Presidential Debate, you probably know about Gov. Romney's binder full of women. I have gained exclusive access to the women trapped inside the binder and for the first time they speak out about!! Check out the video footage inside. Also catch the R Money re…
How Much Do You Know About Politics ? [VIDEO]
With the Know Thy Self Community Wednesday question being about politics, it made me want to blog about something I see everyday especially with the election coming up. People blogging, posting, and tweeting about politics that have know idea what they are talking about...
2 Chainz Teaches Ex Felons How To Vote [VIDEO]
2 Chainz appeared in a video encouraging ex felons to register to vote. It's very rare you catch 2 Chainz/Tity Boi talking about anything positive, serious, or political. So take it in and enjoy this rare occasion.
I know 2 Chainz had a great GPA in college or high school or whatever, I don't need an…
3 Days Left To Register To Vote In 2012 Presidential Election
Don't miss out on the chance to participate in a historical election on Nov. 6th 2012. If you are 18 years old or older, honor your ancestors legacy and get registered to vote, as many of us did not have this right 100 years ago! Details on how and where to register and learn about THREE Presid…
Samuel Jackson In Your Bedroom [Video]
It's Election Season!
Check out what happened when the Jewish Council for Education & Research sends Mr Samuel Jackson into the homes of complacent Democrats. WTFU Video Inside
Lupe Fiasco Vs D.L. Hughley on NOT Voting [POLL]
Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco used Twitter to respond to comments made by comedian D.L. Hughley over Lupe’s reluctance to participate in the upcoming presidential election. He attempted to reason and explain why President Obama needs key factors bigger than the Hip Hop community to achi…

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