Buffalo Police Warn Pokemon GO Users to Stay Alert
It's all the hype right now – Pokemon GO.
As people walk around all over Buffalo, playing the wildly popular app, police warn users that they become a prime target to someone looking to rob them while they are focused on the game.
In addition, another concern is walking where people could be driving –…
POLL: Are You Afraid of Police?
Two fatal shootings of two black men within 48 hours has again sparked a renewal of concerns regarding police violence against blacks. Whether a valid assessment or not, the topic exists.
Are You Afraid of The Police?  Take the Poll below:
Cop Shooting Kills Passenger During Traffic Stop [NSFW]
***WARNING*** I can't stress enough the disturbing nature of the video you are about to see.  If you are extremely sensitive to violence this may not be something you choose to view.
According to News Reports, a Traffic Stop has led to a deadly shooting of a passenger by a MN Police Officer…
How Do You Feel About The Increased Security At Canalside – Poll
Video Courtesy -WKBW -(Youtube)
I really enjoyed myself at the 1st Canalside free concert event this past Thursday. Most of the talk however, surrounding the event was regards to the extra security and heavy police presence. I for one felt safer than usually at Canalside and I think the extra securit…
Triple Shooting on Eastside of Buffalo Leaves Man Dead [OPINION]
Gun shots rang out on the east side of Buffalo Friday night, and three people were shot and one is dead as a result.
I hate to admit it, but shootings around here in Buffalo are become the norm. When will we as a community stand up against the senseless violence we experience on the regular, accordin…
AMBER ALERT: 21-Month-Old Missing From Syracuse
The Syracuse Police Department has activated an AMBER Alert following a child abduction near Valley Drive around 10:57 p.m. on 2/20/2016.
The abducted child is 21-month-old Maddox Lawrence with blonde hair and brown eyes.
The suspect, Ryan Lawrence is a white male, approximately 24-years-old with brow…
Off-Duty Buffalo Cop Overdoses on Heroin
Heroin abuse is a problem that affects the community in Buffalo, but what happens when a person who is sworn to uphold the law breaks it by using and overdosing on it!  Get the details on this cop, listen to what Buffalo has to say about it and vote on whether he should be fired or not!

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