Happy New Years! So…Now What?
I have no doubt that I am one of the happiest people to see the calendar change from 2011 to 2012... There's just something about a "New Start" or renewal that has it's way of refreshing you...
But lets be real here...
Foreclosure Help is Available
We've heard quite a bit lately about different stars who have lost a home (or are in danger of losing a home) to foreclosure... R. Kelly, Diamond, 'Octomon', just to name a few of the many who have gone thru foreclosure.
Now when that happens we all laugh cause we think they have all this money and …
It’s Primary Day – If You Don’t Vote Don’t Complain?
Day in and day out I hear people whining about how they don't like the way things are run by the 'powers that be.' Or complaints about this elected official or that elected official... Well then, today is the day those people have been waiting for; Primary Election Day that is.