#OpGenZ Let’s Talk About Sex Part 2
The Buffalo news recently wrote an article that 51% of Buffalo High School students are sexually active. 81% of those teens do not use protection! It is our job as adults to get to the root of this trend and stop this train before it derails and falls off a cliff with our future inside! Read more ab…
Top 5 Keys to Generation Z’s Sex Life
Let’s Talk about sex!
It’s very clear that Generation Z understands technology better than their parents, but let's talk about sex in the "all-things-connected" high tech society.   Kids now-a-days are caught up in the phenom of SEXTING and taking suggestive pictures of themselves and post …
Bands Make Her Dance: Bears vs Bulls [Video]
Bands make her Dance! No Im not talking about Juicy J's new strip song.
I'm talking about the world famous Morgan State Marching Band VS The University at Buffalo. Witness the battle footage inside and decide who really has the better band!
Hot New Music Videos [NewTube Thursday]
Welcome to the Back to School edition of NewTube Thursday, featuring hot new videos from Generation Z Artists Big Sean, Kirko Bangz, Jeremih and (Dirty Money Member) Dawn Richards.
Get Social W/O Social Media [#OpGenZ]
This Labor day weekend, we have perfect weather to get outside and enjoy the last few days of summer. But Generation Z might be too locked into their iPods, Smart phones and laptops to even notice!
Operation Gen Z to the rescue! Let's explore the benefits of getting social without…
Is ADHD Tech Tied? [#OpGenZ]
Generation Z is sometime called the tech generation because technology is their life!
Blame it on the TV, cell phones, laptops, game consols, MP3 players and the iPads with countless apps!
The thing that worries me the most about this technology overload is the shortened attention span and increasing …
What’s Up With Bathroom Profile Pics? [#OpGenZ]
In this digital age, folks are snapping and posting pics at record speed. Some people don't even wait for another person to take the picture for them -- they are all in the mirror taking flicks of themselves! Enter the "Bathroom Picture."
Is it really cute? Or does it send the wrong message…
Who is Generation Z [Part 1/4]
Summer is winding down and the new school year swings in full gear in less than 4 weeks! The Class of 2020 is entering middle school, while class of 2016 prepares for life as a High School freshman.
So as us parents prepare for back to school for the latest gear and high tech school supplies, WBLK wa…