Rosa Parks Makes History Again!
As we conclude Black History Month and gear up for Women's History Month, Rosa Parks makes history again! This time on Capitol Hill. Witness the momentous unveiling inside.
Donald Gets Trumped!!
In case you haven't heard, Donald Trump is NOT #TeamObama. The billionaire is becoming known as a hater so his kids are stepping in and pulling the ultimate trump card!
Gay Marriage & Weed Legal By Popular Vote! [VIDEO]
The Power of the People not only re-elected President Barack Obama, our voices were heard on two key moral issues in this Country: Smoking Pot for Fun and Same Sex Marriage. Find out which States voted YES to these proposals and more, after the jump.
Rappers Tweet About Voting !
Its election day today and it seems like rappers have taken a break.  They have taken a break from the normal subject matters of all of todays rap.  The normal subject matter Women, Jewelry, Drugs, Guns, Money, and you cant forget about their cars...

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