Dre’s “Detox” Coming? [VIDEO]
The answer is seemingly NO according to Ice Cube..and he's saying why. reports that Ice Cube has come forward in an interview to say that Dr Dre isn't so concerned about releasing the long awaited "Detox" project because he's too busy mak…
“Diddy” Wins Academy Award!
Sean "Diddy" Combs now owns an Academy Award!!!  "Diddy's" documentary "Undefeated" won an Oscar for Documentary Feature.  "Undefeated beat out "Pina", "Paradise Lost Three: Purgatory", …
New Tyga Debut Album Delayed!!!
Tyga's debut album is being delayed a bit before reaching YOU!!!!  "Careless World: Rise of the Last King" was recalled because a sample from a Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speech was used without authorization and was not cleared for use...
Mayback Music Tag-Girl Is Revealed!!
I have always wondered who the face behind the voice for the infamous "Maybach Music" tag is and how much she must get paid for the simple phrase. I read the exclusive interview with the 26 year old Aussie beauty from Global Grind.

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