Cold War, Suit & Tie & More Hot Vids [NewTube]
On this last day of January, get caught up on the hottest new videos to hit the web. This NewTube Thursday features Marsha Ambrosious, Red Cafe, Justin Timberlake, Trinidad james and my favorite independent female singer Dawn Richard!
Doomsday {VIDEO}
It's been one of the BIGGEST topics of 2012.... Is DOOMSDAY today? Well, I can't tell you that but what I CAN do is tell you how to handle it IF it happens.
Beyonce *I Was Here* {VIDEO}
Beyonce is known for her infectious dance routines, her show-stopping looks, and straight-up bold-ness in her music videos. Her latest video was released on World Humanitarian Day (August 19th) and, honestly.... I had chills.
Laura Izibor — He’ll Never Know
You may remember Laura Izibor's name from her feel-good single a couple years ago "From My Heart To Yours." Well now, she's BACK and more soulful than ever! Check out her live recording from the "Brooklyn Sessions Vol. 1"

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